Yale University Department of Music:

Director, Yale College Composition Seminar
Director, Yale College New Music
Director, YalMusT, Yale's Music and Technology Lab

   Courses taught:

  • Music 295 - Practical Applications in Music, Multimedia Art and Tech I
  • Music 312 - Composition Seminar, intermediate level
  • Music 320 - Instrumentation and Orchestration
  • Music 390 - Practical Applications in Music, Multimedia Art and Tech II
  • Music 412 - Composition Seminar, advanced level
  • Music 450 - Interfaced Culture
  • Music 466 - Music and Multimedia Art
  • Music 490 - Composition Seminar, senior essay level
  • Music 915 - Music, Multimedia, Technology and Research

Yale School of Music:

Associate Director, CSMT, Center for Studies in Music Technology

   Courses Taught:

  • Music 690: Independent Study in Music Technology

Prior teaching appointments at:

   Dartmouth College Department of Music and Bregman Studio

   Oberlin Conservatory of Music and TIMARA Program

   University of Oregon School of Music and Dance